Attack on titan tribute game download 2017 RC mod for windows

Have you tried the Attack On Titan Tribute Game today? Okay we will provide the latest update on the Attack on titan tribute game download 2017. This article will also provide a lot of things about the unblocked using rc mod for PC windows. How to play AOT online gameplay on single or multiplayer also how to custom skins tutorial and troubleshoot.

Attack On Titan Tribute Game

First we will discuss what is Attack On Titan Tribute Game or often abbreviated as AOTTG. Inspired by the Anime Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin series. This AOTTG game was created by Developer named Feng Lee. Actually Aottg itself is not quite popular among gamers-gamers all over the world. Nevertheless from day to day this game more and more in demand.

Attack on Titan tribute game currently has 4 servers namely Asia, Japan, Europe and US so that in playing this Gameplay, user or gamers can choose server according to regional so access to play this game do not become slow.

How to play attack on titan tribute game ?

AOTTG can be played in 2 modes. The first is Singleplayer mode and the second is Multiplayer. If you want to play Multiplayer mode with your friends. Your PC must be connected to the internet.

Attack on titan tribute game online

Attack on titan tribute game online

Attack on titan tribute game online

To start this game you can open the official site attack on titan game tribute here << AOT >> Then To be able to play, we have to install Unity, but you do not need to waste time looking for unity program Because the site is already available Unity and this game is ready for you to play.

This game is made with Unity 3D. So the graphic display is very good and not inferior to other Gameplay already using high graphics.
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As well as in the attack on titan movie, in this game, you as a player served as Scouting Legion or armed with 3DMG (3D Maneuver Gear) army who is responsible for eradicating Titan that endanger humanity. You can fly using 3DMG by pressing Q (Hook to right) and E (Hook to left) as well as space (Double Hook).

You can kill the Titan in just one way no different from the movie in the ianime or manga version that is by slashing the back of his neck. That’s the weak point of the titan, when you cut it down with precise accuracy on the neck the titan will soon die and vanish.

You also have to fight the very powerful bosses in this game and play various kinds of multiplayer modes, in addition you can also turn into a titan with Eren Character.

In This game, the enemy is not just a titan standing in the form of humans, there are also titan cockroaches and punk titan who can throw large stones from giant wall fragments.

You also have to fight the very powerful bosses in this game and play various kinds of multiplayer modes, in addition you can also turn into a titan with Eren Character.

This game, the enemy is not just a titan standing in the form of humans, there are also titan cockroaches and punk titan who can throw large stones from giant wall fragments.

In this game there are several forms of game modes that are among others are Pvp BOMB, Fast Kill, Human vs titan player, LAVA, Racing akina, Collosal titan Annie and also Damage Mode.

After we wait for loading to run, we will be in the menu to play you can choose 2 ways, whether you want to play with single mode, or multiplayer online. After that, we are required to choose the characters, map, mode, and camera mode.

Attack on titan tribute game character and skills

Attack on titan tribute game character and skillsEach character has a unique unique unique attack one of the characters we really like that is Jean who has the power to get out of the titan hand capture that can be used one time only. So when caught by Titans this character can still hit. For more details please read the specific characters and skill of each character below.

  1. Eren
    Like the story in anime or movie attack on titan, Eren’s special powers are able to transform himself into a Titan just like that, in this game eren can turn into a Titan for 15 seconds after waiting for a special cooldown attak for 60 seconds.Note: when a Titan, we can be killed, if there is a titan that hit towards the nape of the neck
  2.  Titan Eren
    Same as special attack eren, to be Titan, but when choosing this character, we will directly wear titan eren, without cooldown, no need duration.Note: By using this character Titan Eren can not die
  3.  Mikasa
    We can use special did Mikasa has, that is slashing vertically from top to bottom, this special attack taken because in anime / manga mikasa often use that skils
  4.  Armin
    Armin in attack on titan Anime / manga version is one of those Genius characters, but he don’t have in this game, but the special armin attack is he will dance, Until make the titan laugh, when the titans laugh then the titan will not Focus to attack, player will do an attack on the titan as long as he laughs.Note: Titan will laugh if we do special attack in front of him, not from far away
  5.  Jean
    Jean has a special attack escaping from the grip of the titan, the titan has one of the attacks that is grasping us, when we are already gripped, we will not get out of the grasp and directly eaten, except with jean characters, by pressing left in the mouse, we Will be detached from the titan grip, arguably the special attack is passive attack but special attack that can only 1 time in 1 game
  6.  Sasha
    In the anime Sasha’s hobby is eating , same as in this game but in this game after eating sasha will be able to run very fast, and that’s sasha special attack
  7. Marco
    For special attack marco is only required when we play multiplayer (online) what is it? Marco can provoke titan titan, to focus on it, so titan titan only focus to marco, even others are near the titan, titan will continue to focus to marco
  8.  Levy
    Levy is the strongest character in the manga anime version, but not in the game. Levi special attacks is pretty good, so same as levi gameplay in anime when killing titan, she Spin horizontally like twister
  9.  Petra
    Special attack petra same like levi, that is Rotating vertically, but if levi Spin horizontally, petra rotate vertically

Attack on titan tribute game Maps

Attack on titan tribute game MapsAfter we choose one of the characters, We have to choose a Maps. One of the most frequently played folders is Forest 3 and uses the Fast Kill mode, inside the folder you guys with other players or Guild you kill the titan together until the wave is over, and the final wave is the wave 20, the higher the wave the titan increases many.

Here is a type of Map type in Gameplay attack on titan tribute game  online

  1. Town 1
    Titan = 32 | In this map, we will be in a small district and still use the old graph.
  2.  Town 2
    Titan = 15 | In this folder we will be in a bigger district, this Map is already using new graphics, and nicer, in this Map there is also a gate located at the gate[Note] Titan can walk the path up to the hole, if it’s out, the titan will probably fall into a world without boundaries beyond the game.
  3.  Training Map
    Titan = 32 | This Map is the same as TOWN 1, but the titan is silent not attacking, yes just like the title of the Map, we will be in the exercise map
  4.  Forest
    Titan = 15 | Similar tothe episode 18-22 in the anime attack on titan, this map is a forest with many and very tall trees

In multiplayer mode there are some additional Maps

  1. Cage fighting
    We will be in the area that is divided into 2 areas, every player is inserted into 1 area, then it will be in spawn titan, and the goal is race to kill the most and fast titan
    Note: cage fighting is only for at least 2 people
  2. Forest II
    Same as Map Forest but here there will be a group / waves of the titan, each waves there are some titan, all waves total is 20
  3.  Forest III
    Just like Forest II, but here we can respawn when the next waves, not directly

Map already done, now we will choose Mode difficulty level. There are 3 kinds of modes on attack on titan tribute online game

  1. Normal
    Titan looks slow from his pace and his attacks
  2. Hard Titan
    Here is much faster movement and prefers to launch a deadly attack
  3. Ab Normal one map will be filled with all normal ab titan consisting of normal ab normal and ab normal ab crawler

Button Functions on attack on titan game tribute

  1. W, A, S, D = forward, left, backward, right
  2. SPACE = transmits right-left maneuver rope at once
  3. Q, E = Q to eject the maneuver rope on the left, E to extract the right maneuver rope
    the difference between space and Q, E in addition to the above explanation is that if the space is not straight out the rope alias somewhat sideways, if Q, E pulled the rope straight
  4. R = replace the sword iron
  5. T = restart gameP = Pause / menu
  6. Shift = if we are in the ground we will jump, if we are on the ground we will issue gas so shift function there 2X = activate the shoot
  7. C = Change camera mode
  8. F = Lock weakness of titan, our camera will only focus to the weakness of titan
  9. 1,2,3 = the number keys to remove the smoke of each color [red, green, black]
  10. Ctrl = dodge / salto

Types of titans attack on titan

Types of titans attack on titanIn AOTTG there are 3 kinds of Titan Type bellows

  1. Normal Titan
    Just like a normal titan, with an attack hitting his body area if there is an enemy on his body, grasping if the enemy is within the reach of the titan and will be eaten, bite directly if the enemy is near his mouth, 3 strikes attack, ground hit attack using 2 hands, Attack stepped on foot
  2. Ab normal Titan
    as in anime version, ab normal Titan can run fast and have some attacks that run and hit the enemy with his body, bite directly if the enemy is near his mouth, can grasp by hand and put into his mouth.
  3. Ab Normal crawler Titan
    until today this titan is the most difficult to beat among other ordinary titan, this titan can crawl and run very fast, his crawler attack only 2 kind but turn off that is running while biting and jumping. while biting this titan is very aggressive if we are above

Attack on titan tribute game online Multyplayer mode

Actually playing with Single mode is almost the same as multiplayer. However In Multiplayer we are free to enter in what way.

  1. First we explain How to entry public server
    This is the easiest way to play attack on titan tribute game online. First join public seerver> look for server that you think is nice to enter> select character, camera mode> ready> wait for ready ready> and wait for master server click start> happy play> disconect
  2. Well that’s how publicly signing servers. Now by entering a private server.
    to enter a private server requires a hamachi connectivity software. You should Download Hamachi tyerlebih then Install and Open Hamachi that has been downloaded
    ~ Click Power on
    ~ Enter Client Name, click Create
    ~ Wait until the Hamachi IP & Client Namenya appears
    Hamachi is ready to set up Network & join another Network

How to Creating Network on attack on titan tribute game

~ Click Network -> Create a network -> Enter Network ID & Password then click Create

How to Join another Network on attack on titan tribute game

~ Click Network -> Join an existing network -> Enter Network ID & Password, click Join

How to Create a server in attack on titan tribute game

Go to Click LAN and then Server. Fill Server Name, Port, Max Player, Max Time & select Difficulty then click Start

Q & A

Q: What if someone else wants to join my server?
A: Love the Hamachi IP & Port Server you created
Q: I already love IP & Port to my friend, how come he can join ya?
A: You must be on the same (Hamachi) network
Q: Why every friend I click Join always appears Failed To Connect?
A: There are 2 causes to appear Failed To Connect, 1 because the server is full, 2 because Windows Firewall blocks other IPs to enter (Try to shut down Windows Firewall)
Q: Why if I go to a server that many people all titan be silent & can not be killed?
A: The server is not strong enough to hold many players (otherwise you lag)
Q: Why if I create a server my friends can go in, but guns can move? / Freeze? Only me that motion? Whereas their inet smoothly aja
A: The server connection also depends on the host connection, if the low host inet host join also low (:
Q: Why if I enter the server of people sometimes lag? Whereas the player
Only 2 – 4 people? But sometimes also smoothly
A: That’s because the distance between the host is the same player is far enough 🙂

Female Titan on attack on titan tribute game

How to kill Famale Titan AOTThis is the hardest mode, because we have to deal with the lively female titan, and quick to be able to fight the female titan. We have to go to the map, ANNIE 1 & ANNIE II map it is only in multiplayer

Note: ~ Annie I if we die, we can not respawn
~ Annie II if we die, we can respawn

How to kill Famale Titan

Female titan there are 4 Point of attack / weakness

  1. eyes – if we attack his eyes, female titan will be in pain, and attack brutally
  2. Nape of the neck The main weakness
  3. The back leg of the knee
  4. Heel legs

Note: the point of attack / weakness in the foot area, if we attack it with certain damage, female titan will fall for some time. To defeat it we have to attack the back of the neck, with at least 1000 damage

Note: 1000 this damage can be accumulated, for example we attack it with 300 damage, but enough blom, we attack again with demage 400, then we attack it again with dmg 300, then female titan will be killed, because 300damage + 400 damage = 700 damage + 300 Damage again = 1000 damage

To petrify us to be able to easily attack the neckline of the female titan behind, by way of attacking the area of ​​his legs. If we attack one of the weak points on the foot, with 50 MINIMAL Damage, then the female titan will fall for a while, and that’s our chance to generate damage in the neck

Remember !!! Damage in the foot will not increase the damage on the back of the neck, so if we get 1000 damage on the foot, then the female titan will not die and also Remember that Damage Above the neck must be at least 1000 damage and at the foot minimum 50 damage, Damage it is damage in normal mode, because every different mode

Normal: neck = 1000 damage – feet = 50 damage
Hard: neck = 3000 damage – feet = 200 damage
Ab normal: neck = 7000 damage – feet = 1000 damage

How to beat the Collosal Titan

How to beat the Collosal TitanIf you want to beat the collocal titan opponent required teamwork that requires us to play with people online with at least 4 people
Go to multiplayer menu. And then Make room / or you can go to room of people map of her room

The difference collocal map of Titan I and Collosal Titan II is Health Point, Map Collosal Titan II far more many Healt point her First time you respawn, You will be above the front wall 2 seconds after you respawn, COLLOSAL TITAN will appear and attack with his hand

Tips : after you respawn, move away from the respawn point eg downward, sideways far / far away because if you stand at the point of respawn, there is a collosal range area with his hand so you can die of his hand attack if not immediately avoid 10 seconds after you respawn, Titan’s collosal will kick the wall so as to make a shard of the wall bounce off the tip

There are 2 things to do to defeat the Collosal Titan

Collosal Titan contain different Health Point different every Health Point is also different in Collosal & collosal II maps.

  • Map Collosal Titan I
    Normal: 2000
    Health Point Hard: 3500
    Health Point ab Normal: 5000 HP
  • Map Collosal Titan II
    Normal: 5000
    Health Point Hard: 8000
    Health Point Ab Normal: 12000
    Health Point Collosal necked his neck1 attack against the nape of the neck will destroy all your swords

How to save the Citizens of the Town on attack on titan tribute game

The task as a player is Prevent AB Normal Titan ran towards the towns, towns people crowding in the back gate.  After the Collosal Titan destroys the wall of the Ab normal titan will enter into this box.

Actually to be able to complete the collosal titan map only need to kill Collosal Titan but that if he is an advanced player to produce massive damage. If a player who still can not produce massive damage, it will take a long time to kill him. If we are busy attacking the collosal Titan and take a long time because of small damage then we will not see that abit Titan is already in the crowd of citizens. Automatic the game failed and you lose…  but for players who can already produce thousands of famage this will not be a problem because before ab normal come to the townspeople, collosal titan was killed first.


SAVE THE EREN TITAN WHICH BRINGS A GREAT STONE OF THE TITANTo be able to play on this challenge, go to multiplayer mode> then select the Trost I / Trost II map
~ Trost I: If you die, you will not be able to respawn
~ Trost II: If you die, you can respawn back

Okay we started
When you first respawn, you will be near the titan eren, which is next to the big rock .. titan eren silent a few seconds … then stand up and lift the boulder. Your duty guarding the titan eren from the titan .. oh yes when the titan eren silent, there are some titan who tried to approach … but no need to worry, it’s easy to handle. A few seconds after eren lifted the rock .. will appear 2 Titan in the front lane … kill the 2 titan’s

~ Wave 2, will appear 3 titan .. but place spawn apart, there is from back and front
~ Wave 3, not far from where spawn 2 … wave to 3 fits in front of wave 2 and spaw is 2 behind same beside it
~ Wave to 4 (last) will come out first first beside then eren is going to go to the road straight to the gate, will appear again from behind 2 to 3 titans

attack on titan tribute game download 2017

You do not need to download attack on titan tribute game online version, because you just need to go tho and just play on it.

attack on titan tribute game download offline version

The OFFLINE version is banned by the original game developers because if most people choose to download, the official website users will decline as a result for future updates will be long, so even if you are offline users we recommend melului legal path by way of direct visit the official website

attack on titan tribute game rc mod

RC mod is the only Legal mod that compatible with AOTTG. This mod is useful for Changing skins, map editing, higher Level, spawn control, and other alternative game modes. You can download attack on titan tribute game mods on this link

Download attack on titan tribute game rc mod for Pc Windows : link

Download attack on titan tribute game rc mod for Mac : link

Download attack on titan tribute game rc mod for Linux : link

attack on titan tribute game skins

If you want to find and select a skin to change the default skin go here : link
To make your own skin you can open aotrc then select Custom Skin then press Skin Testing Client then download, if it is finished extract and open the folder and edit as desired and then To upload the skin you created can be uploaded here or

yeah.. its all about attack on titan tribute game download 2017. For next article, our official web Gears of War 4 on PC will update Tutorial How to Change Custom attack on titan tribute game skins

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